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Secure Your Financial Future with Bitcoin Rejoin!

With Bitcoin Rejoin, you can grow a $250 investment to over $1 million in as little as one year of trading. Since 2016, we have helped over 500 traders join the exclusive crypto millionaires’ club. You can trade BTC against popular currencies such as USD, GBP, and EUR. Register today to start earning money with Bitcoin Rejoin.

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Mark K. London

Profit: $ 12,853

“I started using Bitcoin Rejoin four months ago, and it’s hard to believe the results. I’ve now made over $10,000 from the platform with hardly any work on my part. I finally know what it’s like to live the dream.”

Jennifer A. Newcastle

Profit: $ 7,146

“I’ve been a member of Bitcoin Rejoin for just under one month. But my life has already changed! I’ve made thousands  in that time and have started planning to quit my job and travel. Thanks, Bitcoin Rejoin!”

Ernest I. Sydney

Profit: $ 10,456

“I’m an investor at a firm on Wall Street, and I can tell you that the Bitcoin Rejoin platform is more profitable than almost any other trading system I’ve seen. Even better, you don’t need to be an investing expert like me to trade with Bitcoin Rejoin.”

Jane K. Melbourne

Profit: $ 8,463

“I tried Bitcoin Rejoin after getting laid off from my job. My account was overdrawn and I was looking for anything that could get me through financially. Bitcoin Rejoin has helped me turn my finances around entirely and I’m on the path to making more than I did with my job.”

Incredible Returns

Bitcoin Rejoin software has generated more millionaires than nearly any other Bitcoin trading robot on the market. Since our launch in 2016, over 500 of our traders have managed to earn over $1 million through our software. Many of these newly minted millionaires only invested $250 when they signed up. Our software can generate daily returns of up to 400%.

Advanced Technology

We rely on artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, to trade with extremely high accuracy. Our robot considers not just price signals, but also news that can move the crypto market. The signals generated by Bitcoin Rejoin software are 99% accurate under the right market conditions.

Award-winning Trading Platform

The Bitcoin Rejoin app has been recognized by the US Trading Association as one of the most profitable Bitcoin robots for 2020. We have also received the UK Top Trading Award honoring us as the best robot for ease of use and customer service.



The Bitcoin RejoinProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Gracie M. just won trade...$183[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
Jamie P. just won trade...$193[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
Alfie M. just won trade...$101[current_date format='d/m/Y']ETH/LTCtick
Matthew C. just won trade...$174[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
Freya C. just won trade...$51[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
Jessica Y. just won trade...$148[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
Leon T. just won trade...$240[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick
DNatasha R. just won trade...$144[current_date format='d/m/Y']BTC/ETHtick
Lilly R. just won trade...$74[current_date format='d/m/Y']ETH/LTCtick
Demi S. just won trade...$177[current_date format='d/m/Y']EOS/ETHtick

How does Bitcoin Rejoin Work?

Step 1
Register on Our Site

You must register on the Bitcoin Rejoin website to access the web trader platform. We have made the sign up process as straightforward as possible. Right now, there is no fee to sign up – but this may not remain for long. Take the opportunity and sign up now.

Step 2
Fund Your Account

You need to invest some initial capital to earn returns with Bitcoin Rejoin. We require at least $250 US to open a new account. With leverage of 5,000:1, this amount is enough to open BTC positions worth more than $1 million.

Step 3
Start Trading

Live trading with us is easy. All you have to do is adjust the risk settings for the trading bot to match your goals and then click the ‘Live’ button. We recommend that you review our education centre and try out a demo account before trading.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of results can I expect from Bitcoin Rejoin?

Bitcoin Rejoin can generate profits of up to $3,000 daily from an investment of just $250. The more money you commit to your account, the greater your potential return. However, as with all trading, you should only invest as much as you are willing to lose.

What is the minimum deposit for Bitcoin Rejoin?

You need to invest $250 US to start trading with Bitcoin Rejoin. We highly recommend that traders reinvest 80% of daily profits to get the most out of the platform.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin software safe and legit?

We have an excellent reputation among our users and industry organizations. We won the coveted US Trading Association’s Best Robot award and have been highly reviewed on TrustPilot. For users’ safety, we have invested in advanced encryption across our trading platform.

Are there hidden fees associated with the Bitcoin Rejoin software?

Our fees are extremely transparent. Opening an account is free, and you only pay a commission on profits, not trades. We use blockchain technology so that our users can monitor their accounts in real-time. You can use the smart contract feature on our platform to raise fee disputes if not satisfied with how we operate.

Is Bitcoin Rejoin a scam or not?

We are committed to operating a safe and transparent platform. All our trading technologies have been verified by experts in the industry and we only partner with reputable, highly regulated brokers. In addition, our users have reviewed us extremely well on consumer feedback sites such as TrustPilot.

Is there a Bitcoin Rejoin mobile trading app?

We do not offer a native trading app at the moment, but we are working on introducing one for iOS and Android. However, you can still trade from your mobile device since our web trader platform is compatible with mobile browsers. You can also install the HTML5 version of our web trader on your mobile device.

An In-depth Look at Bitcoin Rejoin

How to open an account with Bitcoin Rejoin

Registering a trading account with us is easy and free. You do not need to pay any fees to enjoy the full benefits of trading with Bitcoin Rejoin. We are also accessible from most countries.

There are no special skill requirements for trading with our system. Just read our trading guide and practice with our demo platform to get a feel for how our trading robot works.

1) Register: Create a free account on our website using the registration form at the top of this page. Verify your phone number and email address to proceed. Please note that we require all users to use multi-factor authentication when signing in. We also require users to observe strict password protection measures. These include creating a strong password and changing it every three months.

2) Deposit: Fund your trading account through one of our partner brokers. You need at least $250 US in your account to access the Bitcoin Rejoin trading platform. Depositing more money can enable you to make more in profit, but it also increases your risk. We encourage our users only to invest an amount they are comfortable losing. While our robot is highly profitable, it involves a degree of risk as does any type of trading.

3) Trading Education: We want you to prepare before jumping into live trading. We recommend that you go through the provided video tutorials and trading guides.  There is also a demo platform that uses historical price data to help you prepare for live trading. You should trade with the demo account for at least one hour before going live on the Bitcoin Rejoin software.


4) Live Trading: Live trading on the Bitcoin Rejoin website should be a piece of cake after reading our guides and trading with a demo account. Define the robot’s risk settings to match your risk appetite and click the ‘Live’ button.

What is Bitcoin Rejoin?

Our trading robot helps you speculate on the price of Bitcoin through a financial derivative known as a contract for difference (CFD).

CFD trading allows you to bet on an asset without having to own it physically. Buying BTC through the traditional methods is quite complicated, and therefore most beginners are locked out. Moreover, it is risky to hold BTC in crypto wallets.

Bitcoin Rejoin software eliminates all these problems by allowing you to trade through CFDs. With us, you get to speculate on popular CFD pairs such as BTC/EUR, BTC/GBP, and BTC/USD. These pairs are highly volatile and present a lot of potential for profit when traded with high leverage.

Facts about Bitcoin Rejoin

There are a few interesting facts about Bitcoin Rejoin that make it one of the best automatic trading platforms for beginners and experienced users:

  • We were founded by a team of Wall Street quants with a combined experience of over 20 years of trading for big investment banks.
  • Our robot applies the same approach used by leading hedge funds to generate billions for sophisticated investors.
  • Bitcoin Rejoin website relies on 128-bit key encryption to safeguard data, including billing information. Not even the most sophisticated cyber attacks can penetrate our platform.
  • Our robot is open for all, including complete beginners. It runs on autopilot and requires very little manual input .
Is Bitcoin Rejoin recommended by celebrities?

We have received a lot of requests to verify whether some celebrities have invested in or endorsed Bitcoin Rejoin. There are unfounded rumours on social media linking us to the likes of Phillipe Geubels, Richard Branson, and Kate Winslet. But are these celebrity rumours true?

Phillipe Geubels – A social media rumour is linking Bitcoin Rejoin to Phillipe Geubels. However, we haven’t received any endorsement from this celebrity. Moreover, he hasn’t disclosed anything about trading with our platform.

Richard Branson – Branson is another celebrity falsely linked to Bitcoin Rejoin. Always verify celebrity rumours on Bitcoin Rejoin website before believing in them.

Kate Winslet – We have also been alerted about a rumour linking Bitcoin Rejoin to Kate Winslet. This is celebrity gossip that targets our popular trading platform.

The Verdict on Bitcoin Rejoin

We have been around since 2016 and have become a brand name among crypto enthusiasts.

Moreover, we have thousands of reviews on platforms such as ForexPeaceArmy and TrustPilot. Most users rate us highly for performance, reliability, ease of use and customer care. We have developed some of the world’s best trading technologies to enable you to enjoy above-market rate returns.

Our robot speculates on both the rise and fall of BTC price relative to popular cryptocurrencies  and fiat currencies. We partner with brokers that provide leverage of up to 5,000:1 to allow you to take large positions with just a small initial investment. We value users’ safety and observe strict data privacy measures across our platform. Try out Bitcoin Rejoin today with as little as $250.